Written by Mark Roberts
Directed by Jay Stull

June 26th – August 9th, 2014

When America’s favorite TV uncle heads into a downward spiral of drugs, prostitutes and criminal activity, how far will the show’s megalomaniac producer go to cover up his star’s debauchery, keeping the laughter coming and the money train on the tracks? Enter at Forest Lawn is a darkly comic peek inside the not-so-funny world of network television.

David Lanson | Sarah Lemp | Matthew Pilieci | Mark Roberts | Anna Stromberg

Production Team:
Set Design: David Harwell | Lighting Design: Brad Peterson | Costume Design: Lux Haac | Sound Design: Jeanne Travis | Assistant Director Vanessa Vache |General Management: Form Theatricals | Production Manager: Jeremy Pape | Stage Manager: Judy Merrick | Marketing Associate: Sam Horvath | Marketing Associate: Brett Hecksher | Assistant Projection Designer: Lisa Renkel | Fight Choreographer: Joe Coppala | Special Effects: Jennifer Jefferson


“Angry. Dangerously angry. Batten-down-the-hatches, threat-level-red angry.”

“Deformed hell-creatures that inhabit Roberts’ Boschian vision of Burbank.”

“A howling tour-de-force”

“A true freak show orchestra”

From the Show

All photos by Russ Rowland